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The Body's Secret Army

Every day of our lives, silently and invisibly, our bodies do battle against a never-ending onslaught of hostile forces. Bacteria. Viruses. Microbes of all kinds. Fortunately, we win the lion’s share of these battles. If we didn’t, we’d all die.

The foot soldiers in this daily battle are the microscopic cells and molecules of the body’s immune system. For centuries, its workings were shrouded in mystery. But over the past hundred years, thanks in large part to the groundbreaking discoveries of Nobel Prize-winning scientists, we have unraveled its basic principles, and learned how to teach it new disease-fighting skills. And in recent years, immunology has made even bolder advances – taking on diseases that once seemed beyond its reach.

In The Body’s Secret Army, we meet scientists, doctors, and patients who are united by their determination to unlock the immune system’s mysteries – and experience the stories of some of the Nobel Prize-winning pioneers whose discoveries opened the doors to today’s advances.

To view the complete program, CLICK HERE.

Funding for The Body’s Secret Army was provided by the AstraZeneca Nobel Medicine Initiative.

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